bcp return status

bcp return status

Post by Mika » Tue, 13 Feb 2001 17:08:28

I 'd like to know, how can I know if bcp has succeeded or not in stored
I have case like this:

sa /P pw '

 PRINT "Fail"

and results...

(1 row(s) affected)


 Bcp: Unable to open host data-file.

(2 row(s) affected)


(1 row(s) affected)


So, why result is 1 while bcp couldn't find file?

I hope someone could help on this...



1. BCP returns status = nothing

|> We are running Sybase 4.9.2 on VAX/VMS 5.5-2 and there is
|> no apparent way to "trap" errors - it will output an error
|> message but there seems to be no way to redirect error
|> output to a file through "ON ERROR XXX ".
|> This is frustrating because many batched jobs use BCP and
|> the error messages can scroll by without being noted, and
|> since VMS doesn't see the error status returned no corrective
|> action can be applied...

Have you invoked bcp with the "-e" (/error= on VMS) parameter.
this will create a bcp error file if any errors are encountered.

If you are already doing that, but the output isn't enough or you want
to capture operating system errors as well as bcp errors, then you
could capture the entire bcp session into a log file.  If I remember
my VMS right, you can either redefine SYS$ERROR with a DEFINE/ASSIGN
statement.  Or you can do SET HOST 0/LOG=filename and this will
absolutely capture all screen output to the log file for the SET HOST

                                Hope this helps
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