errror 3146 ODBC call failed

errror 3146 ODBC call failed

Post by Imtiaz Tyeball » Wed, 09 Apr 2003 15:17:14

I am trying to establish an ODBC connection from VB6.  I
registered and created an ODBC connection and it was done
successfully. However, when I try to connect, I receive
error 3146.  I am using the Visual Data Manager In VB6 to
connect to the SQL Server. Is anyone familier with this
type of error and how it could be resolved. Your response
will be greatly appreciated.



1. Actual ODBC error codes rather than 3146 -- ODBC Call failed


I'm using ODBC to query an Informix DB.

At any point if a get an error (wrong password, wrong DSN connect string,
wrong SQL statement..),
I get the same error code:

3146 -- ODBC Call failed.

Is there a way to get the right Informix status code/string ?

Note: I'm using ODBC; what about RDO/ADO/RDS...: is it faster ?


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