Access 2 to SQL 7

Access 2 to SQL 7

Post by Gary Robso » Sat, 20 May 2000 04:00:00

How would you do it.

Here in the office we have an Access2 DB with a VB4-16bit front end.
The Access2 DB's are very large 500MB+ and corrupt weekly.
The boss got me a copy of SQL7 to convert the DB's and get rid of the
corruption problem.

I don't want to change any code in the VB4 proggy if possible (don't have
Having connected an Oracle DB in the past (as a beginner) I did this.

Coverted the Access2 DB to SQL7
Created a new Access DB linking to the SQL7 DB via ODBC.

Problems are...

    Perfomance very slow and time outs occur 50% of the time.
    Unable to edit/delete/create records.
    I have had SQL7 for 24hours and no next to nothing about it.

Help..... Please help....