Best Method to connect to database

Best Method to connect to database

Post by Deven » Sun, 22 Sep 2002 03:17:24

I am developing an application in C++ and need to access an MSDE and an SQL
server database.  Performance is my biggest concern.  I will need to use
connection pooling too.  My questions is what is the best way to access that
database from C++.

Some sample use an SQL API  (SQLConnect() function "sql.h").
Some sample use the COM objects  (_RecordsetPtr pRst("ADODB.Recordset");)



1. Best method to connect client and database?

I'm quite new to this stuff and the more I'm
reading about connecting a java-client to a
database the more I'm getting confused.

I want to write a system with:

- Java clients
- The IBM Web Server ICSS
- Database DB2 V5 on an IBM mainframe with OS/390

What's the best method to communicate between
server on host and clients?

Should I write a 3-layer architecture with Java
servlets and JDBC? Should I use CORBA? Should
I use RMI? Anything else?

And the most important question: *Why* should I
use or don't use these things? Performance,
security, reliability, scalability etc. etc.?



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