DTS Export/Import stops working after Office 2000 install

DTS Export/Import stops working after Office 2000 install

Post by Michael Johnsto » Mon, 03 May 1999 04:00:00

I installed Office 2000 Premium and now I am unable to import/export with
Access 97 or Access 2000.

The DTS wizard reads both db formats ok, and everything is fine until I run
the package....at this point I get:

DTSWIZ caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 0084:0064005b.

Anyone else having this or similar problems?


Michael Johnston


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   I'm having a problem with exporting data from text files(received
by e-mail) into SQL Server 2000 Database. These files
were created by dumping the data from SQL Server 7
tables. Each row of
these files has a fixed length and  no special delimeters
between the fields - only spaces.The Wizard detected the import file as a
file with delimited fields(Screen "Select file format"). The next screen of
the Wizard detected the column
delimeter as "other", but I couldn't detect the character. As
soon as put in the delimeter field spaces, it gave me the wrong
number of colums in the result SQL Server Table( = junk).
    If I defined the file as a file with fixed length, the next screen
of  the Wizard I got the fields with
offset(they were not left justified). When I copied this file into
the database, I got the table with the wrong number of fields
and rong data in them.
Can anybody tell me, what is the problem and is it really
possible to import the data this way ?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Sergei Cher

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