Insert will not show update until second pass

Insert will not show update until second pass

Post by CyberSpide » Wed, 01 Aug 2001 10:29:11

I have a button on an access form in Access Data Projects (ADP).
This button executes a SQL stored procedure which searches for a child
record in the table.  If the record cannot be found the procedure inserts a
record into the table and populates the loanid field with the loanid
parameter that was passed in.  The procedure then queries for this record.

Here is a list of the error messages that I receive and a copy of the stored
procedure listed below.  If I click the button on my form a second time, the
data shows up correctly in the form.  I believe the record is being created
correctly the first time but the query cannot see the record.  Please help

    "The stored procedure executed successfully but did not return records."
when I click ok on the dialog box I receive this message

when I click ok on the dialog box the dialog box disappears.

Procedure "sp_frmUnderwriterPopup"

-- Check to see if the loan exist in the fund table
-- if it does not exist create the record and populate
-- the FUND LOANID field with the LOAN LOANID field and
-- the PROGRAMID field with the INITIALPROGRAM field from the loan table


select * f


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