Slowness accessing TEXT datatype.

Slowness accessing TEXT datatype.

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I am experiencing unusual slowness in accessing TEXT datatype in SQL Server
2000. Here is the configuration.

 - machine is dual-process Intel P3 with about 2GB memory.
 - SQL Server version is 8.00.194(RTM)
 - 100 rows in the table
 - Each entry in TEXT datatype has about 64K of data

The query time is about 13sec using Query Analyser locally on the machine.

The same data on a simple desktop machine performs much better.
of this desktop is

 - Intel P3 ~700MHz with about 256 KB memory.
 - SQL Server version is 8.00.194(RTM)
 - data is exactly the same.

The query time is about 1 sec  using Query Analyser locally on the machine.

Am I missing any configuration parameters that is causing the more powerful
machine to perform really bad ?


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