Error 644 Help Requested

Error 644 Help Requested

Post by way0utwes » Wed, 23 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I had this last year on a v6.5 server and rebuilding the clustered index was
the solution which did not work. We had to call MS and get help BCP'ing the
data out and rebuilding the table. I would try the index rebuild and then
(if you can) a BCP out and back in to a new table. If you do not get all
rows out with the BCP, call MS. It's not worth messing around with this.

Quote:> We received the following error in SQL 7.0 SP2:

> Error: 644, Severity: 21, State: 1
> Could not find the index entry for RID
> '36ef73000300101a0495654525830313532353437' in index page (1:99403),
> index ID 2, database 'CTP'.

> Per the directions in BOL, I ran dbcc checkdb on the database and that
> always comes back reporting no errors. I have not yet attempted to run
> any repairs on the database since the dbcc checkdb isn't finding any.
> Should I go ahead and try running repairs anyway?

> Chuck


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Hi guys!...

I have the following error:

-- Begin --
1> drop table
Msg 644, Level 21, State
Index row entry for index id 2 of table 'sysobjects' in database
'db_rrhh' is missing.  Drop and re-create the index. (index page 13477,
row 7, data page
-- End --

I call to Sybase Support and they can't help me more. I used
sp_fixindex, but nothing, the message is:

-- Begin --
Msg 2589, Level 16, State
Procedure 'sp_fixindex', Line
Object 'sysobjects' must have its status updated in sysobjects, to
reflect the intent of repairing the index on
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user
with System Administrator (SA)
(return status =
-- End --

I need drop the table to recreate with different structure.

Please, Who can help me?...

Daniel Verdugo G.                    ///
Area Recursos Humanos - Orden S.A.  (0 0)

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