Storing Image Data Types

Storing Image Data Types

Post by Matthew Durba » Sat, 08 Dec 2001 23:30:57

Does anyone know whether the data stored for an image data type is stored in the .mdf data file or .bak backup file of the database. For example if I was to lose the data but had a backup then will the database be fully restored along with all 'image' data.


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Storing Image Data Types

Post by Ed Harper » Tue, 01 Jan 2002 09:16:45


SQL stores data in the database files, typically name .mdf and/or .ndf.
When you backup your database, all data is backed up and can be restored.

To test this, use the pubs database.  Create a small table with text data
and add a couple of rows.
Backup the pubs database, drop the table, then restore the pubs database.  

Hope this helps

Ed Harper
Microsoft SQL Support

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