Unable to drop merge table

Unable to drop merge table

Post by John Connoll » Fri, 04 Aug 2000 04:00:00

execute sp_removedbreplication 'MYDATABASE'

this will remove all replication details form your system tables.

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1. Unable to drop merge table

Using SQL 7.0, NT4.0, T1 connection to remote site.
This should be a simple one,  but I need help.

The last of 3 merge Publication push subscriptions gave me problems during
the setup It is already a large table and timed out during the initial push
subscription setup. (Actually I have learned that it Said it timed out, but
actually built the subscription -- I have since increased the timeout period
to fit this table ). I deleted the push and attempted to start over with a
snapshot but could not build the snap shot because the table "was

Now I have a table that thinks its replicating but has not real publication
associated with it. It cannot be dropped or renamed.

Assistance with how to drop this stubborn table would be appreciated.

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