FYI, replication errors resolved...

FYI, replication errors resolved...

Post by Kenny Kao » Sun, 02 Jun 2002 15:44:01

In the last few days I have posted several questions reguarding
different issues while setting up replication. I just wanted to tell you
and more important, those who are trying the same thing I did, what
worked and what did not.

My scenerio, 1 sql 7.0 box on a nt 4.0 platform server running today,
serving multilple sites.

Goal, migrate to win2k OS but using sql7 and establish 2 servers with

What I did, that didn't work. I built the two servers, and installed
identical configurations, hardware and software respectfully named
sqlserver01 and sqlserver02. Backed up the database from the existing
box and restored it to both servers. {Just seemed to reason to me that
this would be the best thing to do}

To make is short and sweet, after hours and hours of issues and errors
while trying to replicate, I decided at 4:30 this morning to uninstall
SQl from server 2 and create an empty database with out the tables and
data. Then attempt to replicate the data in to the empty data base.

This worked perfectly, only too a few minutes to replicate almost 300
meg's of data.

I hope this helps someone, and I hope you guys don't mind me posting it
here. If someone needs more detail about what I did, feel free to email
me directly.

Kenny Terry

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