Transaction Isolation Level

Transaction Isolation Level

Post by Rashmi Dave[M » Sat, 18 May 2002 02:26:38

Assuming you call SqlConnection.BeginTransaction method and specify an
level in the IsolationLevel property, programmatically you may be able to
query this .


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| As one can tell whether implicit transactions is set on

| programmatically what transaction isolation level is in
| effect?
| My motive for asking is that I don't want to set the level
| to a lower one and if I don't know what it currently is, I
| might do just that.


Transaction Isolation Level

Post by A Coru » Sat, 18 May 2002 02:43:13

I am writing T_SQL stored procedure(s) and in the stored procedure I
need to know the isolation level.

Any ideas in case?

Thanks for your response.

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1. setting transaction isolation level on connection

This is probably posted in the wrong group and is a simple question, but:

For report purposes I'd like to have the isolation level set to
READ UNCOMMITTED or "dirty reads" or "no lock". In our application that
would be acceptable.  I can't count on our users to set this when
logging in.

Is there any way to configure SQL server for this default?
Is there a way to run a stored procedure upon login where I can
place the SQL command to set the isolation level?

Thanks for any help

Michael Eno

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