Using BDE?

Using BDE?

Post by Frances Corazz » Wed, 09 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone here have experience with using BDE (Borland Database Engine)
with MSSQL7?  We are having a problem where we are able to create a table in
MSSQL with over 400 columns no problem, but when we use the BDE in our
application, it seems to be restricting us the MSSQL 6.5 limitation of 250.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Using BDE?

Post by Gert Draper » Wed, 09 Jun 1999 04:00:00

SQL7 is only supported through the BDE SQLLinks product. It is DBLIB based,
thus does not support UNICODE and whatever other new features not in DBLIB.
You probably meant SQL7 metatdata changes when you said "Object Hierarchy".
The current version of BDE supports 6.5 & 7.0 metadata. Inprise changed the
driver to support the new metadata retrieval.
If you have troubles, they may not have the latest BDE (version 5.01).
Download of current BDE:
BDE info:
Delphi info:
SQLLinks info:

If you can't wait for Inprise' ADO solution to come out...consider this: - select the BDE Alternatives link.


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Using BDE?

Post by Frances Corazz » Wed, 09 Jun 1999 04:00:00


I thought that maybe it could be the wrong BDE 5.01 too, but then I assumed
my tech would have checked that.  I'm a perfectionist of course and I'll be
trying it myself.  There was a BDE 5.01 released as  a Delphi patch a while
before the SQL Links update came out, so it could be confusing.  Using
something other than BDE is not an option.



Using BDE?

Post by Frances Corazz » Thu, 10 Jun 1999 04:00:00

We've tried using Borland's DB-lib driver and ODBC, neither work.
SQL Profiler(trace) does not return the create table command that was sent
so I have no way of seeing that actual table create that is sent.

I would like to try using a similar BDE based tool, but I don't have one.
Can you suggest any?



Using BDE?

Post by Frances Corazz » Thu, 10 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Actually, we have not be able to test with the MSSQL7 odbc driver as it
causes a gp earlier in the process :(

1. Heads-up: problems observed using BDE-16 and BDE-32 simultaneously

I have observed, and continue to investigate, the issue that BDE-16 and
BDE-32 do not always seem to work well together with respect to the
all-important locking protocols.  It seems appropriate for me to
recommend, then, that one should avoid getting into any situation where
16-bit and 32-bit applications are accessing the same databases at the
same time, without carefully testing the scenario first in actual
practice at your site.

In the tests I am conducting, BDE-16 2.52 is pitted against various
BDE-32's. Both of them specify LOCAL SHARE = TRUE (although I'm toggling
this switch and I do notice a response), and most importantly, both of
them DO specify the same NET FILE DIR.

Some of the outcomes I have observed thus far are:

   * A 16-bit and a 32-bit session can place conflicting locks or be
     of one another's locks.

   * A session can encounter a "sharing violation" or "access is denied"
     result from DOS, and is sometimes badly surprised by that.

   * In certain operations, file damage has been observed due to
     activity (no surprises here, if the locking is not working as

If you have encountered similar behavior (or unexplained behavior) at
your practice, it would be very helpful to start a meaningful thread off
this message.

Various environments have been tested:  Win95, Win98, and so on.  Tests
can and have been constructed on -single- machine environments, strongly
implying that not too many outside factors are likely to be contributors
here.  This ought to be a situation that can be fairly quickly stripped
down to an "easy test case," but by myself I'm encountering mixed

Ladies and gentlemen around the globe, start your internet!  ;-)

Sundial Services :: Scottsdale, AZ (USA) :: (480) 946-8259

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