RDA vs Replication

RDA vs Replication

Post by Robert Stepha » Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:45:14

What is the main difference between RDA and Replication?
Where are the advantages and the disadvantages of this two procedures?

Robert Stephan


RDA vs Replication

Post by Syed N. Yousu » Fri, 09 Mar 2001 02:57:45

Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for your question on SQL Server CE.
Please take a look at detailed threads on the same topic posted earlier on
this newsgroup.

Thank you!
Syed Yousuf   MCSE, MCDBA


1. RDA vs Replication

Hello all,

I've worked through several of the samples provided with SSCE. I like both
the RDA and the REPL samples, but am still a little confused on when it's
best to use one over the other. My impression is that RDA is simpler and
easier, and requires very little if any modifications to the SQL 2K server.
Once the IIS virtual dir is set up, your off and running. The advantage
being if you have several SQL Servers, you can sync your data with them
easily. The one down side I saw is that if you want to refresh the local
database (RDA file) you have to delete and recreate it, and reinforce all
PK-FK links, Default values, etc...

The Repl seemed more powerful, and flexible, but had definite setup
requirements, as well as the fact (if I interpreted it correctly) that you
could only sync (replicate) with that specific SQL Server.

Does anyone have a definitive chart/list the compares and contrasts RDA and
REPL? How about "real world" scenarios when one method would be better than
the other. How about ADOCE vs OLEDB for CE
I'm still learning this stuff, so I'm sure I missed something.

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