Quickdraw 3D 1.5 -- cool, cross-platform, fast?

Quickdraw 3D 1.5 -- cool, cross-platform, fast?

Post by Samuel Kas » Mon, 27 Jan 1997 04:00:00

        I've been playing with Quickdraw 3D lately, and have been very
impressed with it.  It's pretty neat, and now that 180MHz Mac clones
with hardware 3D acceleration on the motherboard go for $1500, it's
starting to hit mainstream.
        I haven't yet tried the Win32 port of the library, yet, though.  In
fact, all I know about it is that it's what SGI is basing their mac and
Win32 versions of CosmoPlayer VRML on.
        Anyone tried making cross-platform 3-D stuff from Apple's Quickdraw 3D,
or even tried using it on the Windows side that could provide some
(It can be found at "http://www.quickdraw3d.apple.com/")


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Are the currently used techniques (not code) used in 3D games(ala Doom,Wolf)
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in windows or dos, can I use those same ideas on a Mac? (or vice versa)


George Loch

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