please help

please help

Post by Ton » Fri, 24 Dec 1993 20:32:29

hi all,

I know this doesnt belong in this group, but I have a lot of faith in the
regulars here and I know that they can help with anything....ok heres my

Whenever I use my modem to log in a uni ar any machine...after about half
an hour i get a long burst of noise and it just freezes. I thaught it was
my modem but it doesnt seem to are a few things i've done..
i. tried a friends modem......same problem....this means its not the modem..
ii. after I shifted houses I thaught it wauld be fixed....but still same...
     this means it wasnt a bad phone line.....
iii. i tried a new serial cable.....still the same.....this means its not my

* I just realized that I should probably take my modem to a friends house
  and try it from there.......and get my friends computer here and see if
  its my computer stuffing up somehow....

ok....I'm using a MAESTRO 2400XR on COM2 (getting a 14k onw very soon....any
comments about the ones advertised in the internal
14k modem for $350AUS...why so cheap??? )....

Any help much appreciated