PLEi Tools Programmer/Gamer/GUI/Windows 95/3D Experience/3D Studio

PLEi Tools Programmer/Gamer/GUI/Windows 95/3D Experience/3D Studio

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Tools Programmer (project: ART)
PostLinears ideal candidate for Tools Programmer has two years
experience with Windows 95, particularly with GUI and user interface
code; 3D experience, either *, CAD or scientific.  Able to
understand mathematics, particularly geometry, algebra, vectors, etc.
Prior experience writing 3D plug-ins for 3DStudio or 3DStudio Max;
experience with Photoshop or Premier plug-ins; real-time graphics
background are all plusses.

Email your resume, pointer to web page, samples of work, email address,

(415) 487-1180.
Snail Mail: PostLinear Entertainment, 2650 18th Street, SF, CA 94110.
PostLinear is located in the creative cradle of San Franciscos Mission
Check out our website for more information:


1. BOOK: "Power-3D: High Speed 3D Graphics in Windows 95/NT "

SPECIAL: Order now through our web page and receive a 10% discount

POWER-3D:High Speed 3D Graphics in Windows 95/NT
by Kyle Lussier
Softbound, 550 pages, $54.95
ISBN 0138412146
Includes CD-ROM

In the past, serious computer graphics programmers generally had to use
"industrial strength" workstation hardware and software. Now, advanced
graphics capabilities have become available in the PC arena. Whether you're a
programmer, 3D enthusiast, C++ coder, games developer or animation specialist,
this book will help you with fast, practical 3D implementations in the Windows

What's inside:

          Coverage of three-dimensional mathematics with code examples in C++
          Full source code and documentation of many C++ objects for 3D
               - Intersection calculations
               - N-dimensional splines
               - Vertex object that encapsulates the world of 3D
               - Viewing volume clipping
               - Texturing
               - Lighting
               - Tessellating
               - Implicit surfaces
               - Constructive Boolean geometry
               - and much much more!
          COpenGLView object that lets you use OpenGL right now!
          A CD with a treasure trove of 3D graphics source code and program
demos from all over the world.

Kyle Lussier is a research member of the Simulation, Modeling and
Visualization research thrust at the NSF Engineering Research Center at the
University of Florida.

Also available at a discount for pre-publication purchase at Manning
Publications (
"The Awesome Power of Direct3D/DirectX" by Peter J. Kovach

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