HELP : DIRECTX Debugging Problem

HELP : DIRECTX Debugging Problem

Post by Giuseppe Beltra » Wed, 04 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have a problem debugging directx programs : the de* wants two
monitors. I have a S3 SVGA card and I know that a solution can be a
monochromatic card (MDA, Hercules . . .). I cannot find one of these
very old card but I read somewhere that there are some SVGA cards
which manages two monitor. Does somebody know more ? Thanks.


1. Debugging DirectX (Borland Remote debug?)

Hello all!

   Has anyone had any luck debugging DirectX apps with BC 5.0?
The documentation is absolutely pitiful. It states on several
manual pages that this is a feature of the software, but nowhere
does it explain how to actually use the remote debugger. Failing
this, is there a way to switch away from the exclusive mode
DirectX app and restore the screen properly?


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