Visit the Technology Base!

Visit the Technology Base!

Post by David Thiel » Sun, 11 Jan 1998 04:00:00

On Sun, 11 Jan 1998 13:04:57 -0600, oO Alien Oo

>Alien's Technology Base contains: 3D Programming
>                              Free IRC Chat
>                              Kewl Links
>                              Linux information
>                              Misc. text files
>                              A 3D Webring
>                              Guestbook
>                              Search Engine
>                              TI-83 files(ONLY THE BEST!)
>                              AND MORE...

>Alien's Technology Base is a proud
>member of the Game Programmers Guild.

But Alien's Technology Base will not tell you their web address
because it's a secret <g>.

What's the url???

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Visit the Technology Base!

Post by oO Alien O » Mon, 12 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Alien's Technology Base contains: 3D Programming
                                  Free IRC Chat
                                  Kewl Links
                                  Linux information
                                  Misc. text files
                                  A 3D Webring
                                  Search Engine
                                  TI-83 files(ONLY THE BEST!)
                                  AND MORE...

Alien's Technology Base is a proud
member of the Game Programmers Guild.


1. ANNOUNCE: New Ca3D-Engine demo available, featuring radiosity based LightMap- and skeleton based model-rendering


The new Windows 9x/OpenGL demo version of
Carsten's 3D Engine (Ca3DE)
is finally available for download!   :-)

Look at
for downloads and detailed information.

Ca3DE (Carsten's 3D Engine) is a real-time 3D engine.
The latest enhancements include radiosity based lightmap rendering
as well as skeleton based model rendering.

Other features include:
- BSP / PVS / Portal rendering achieves a _high_ framerate
- OpenGL hardware accelerated rendering
- TrueColor Texture Mapping
- Naturally aligned textures
- MipMap application
- Linear filtering for both minification and magnification
- Z-Buffer
- 6 degrees of freedom
- Console for in-game configuration
- DirectInput 7.0 keyboard input
- Natural player movement (clipping and world physics)

The installation is very simple,
it's just downloading, unzipping, and double-clicking.

I'd be very happy if you sent me short email reports
how (or if at all ;) Ca3DE ran on your system,
how fast it was (how many FPS?) and which hardware
and software (OS) you are using.

Only one thing to mention: Ca3Dgl does currently
not support Voodoo 1 oder Voodoo 2 accelerator boards.
Their drivers are different, and while work-arounds
exist, they are not really easy to apply.

Many thanks in advance, and I hope you enjoy Ca3DE.  :)


Important note: This post is not a commercial advertisement.
It is an announcement. My sole intention is to give you some
information about Ca3DE, which I developed in my free time.

I'm mentioning this because when I last announced a new
version of Ca3DE, somebody thought it was an advertisement,
and reported this to my ISP, who in turn told me not to post
commercial ads again...
Pretty silly stuff, if you ask me.
I am sorry if you consider posts like these off-topic - I don't.
Please look at my homepage and Ca3DE, and you'll figure that
this is not off-topic at all.
If you still disagree, please simply ignore this post
or contact me personally.
I'm a bit disgruntled that apparently some people have nothing
better to do than watch and report others to lawyers,
ISPs and so on because they feel themselves as law-and-order
I am sorry again if you are not this kind of people.  :-)

Ca3D - Engine
Carsten Fuchs

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