Help wanted: Unreal coder needed for killer TC (nonpaying)

Help wanted: Unreal coder needed for killer TC (nonpaying)

Post by darkshar » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Our very unique Unreal TC is looking for one or two experienced coders.

We are creating only one demo level (so it's not a ton of work) and
shopping to a major entertainment company (where I have contacts). This
company is actively looking for new properties. We feel (if done right)
that there is an extremely good chance of this project being greenlighted
for a full-blown retail version (Which of course means full-time employment
at a new game company ...:) At the very least it's means a good demo reel
for you.

Although I can't mention the plot or subject of this TC (for
confidentiality and legal reasons...lawyers...damn their oily hides!)
I can give you some reference points:
(Resident Evil 2, The Crow (movie), Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain, Tomb
Raider, Nightmare Creatures, Batman (The Dark Knight Returns & the Burton
movies), Highlander (the original movie), Spawn (the comic book), Francis
Ford Coppola's Dracula, Mortal Kombat (the 1st movie), BraveHeart.

Currently, the demo level is several weeks along and frankly, the game
looks jaw-droppingly good.

In short we are going for an epic, 3rd person game where you become very
involed in the characters. It will have some RPG-like elements. This is
going to
be one mother of a gothic , *, macabre game with many film-like
qualities. We want people to be immersed in story and environment. While it
will be very *, it will not be a frag fest...

Things needed
Animation scripting
Some character AI
Total new HUD creation based on design sketches
* spatters, * pooling and on-the-fly pain skin switching (like Sin)
Limb loss
Character damage effects character animation (like Resident Evil2)
Some other miscellaneous things

Here's what we need specifically
-able to give 5-10 hours a week
-able to meet deadlines
-able to take mean-spirited * criticism from a project leader with
Tourette's Syndrome. (Just kidding guys!)
If you feel you fit the bill and want to do something more than "yet
another Unreal TC" drop me a line directly (not on the mailing list) at

Thanks for your time
Project Leader
Slaves to the Visual Games