C++ programmers, game engine writers, windows 95 programmers

C++ programmers, game engine writers, windows 95 programmers

Post by Jerome Jahn » Wed, 01 Nov 1995 04:00:00

> GMC is currently hiring experienced C++ game programmers to create an
> engine for their new science fiction action/adventure game.  Experienced
> code writers are being interviewed in the Los Angeles area from November
> 1st through the 20th.  Top aritsts, future visualists and 3-D programmers
> are already comitted to this high profile project.  Pay is competitive
> and *rs are welcome to inquire.  Planned schedule is for a 12
> month production.  

What is a "future visualist???" Is that like one of those psychic hotline
people that work for Selvester Stallone's mom?

Seriously though, what is a future visualist? The title means nothing to
me. Is it something like a futurist, you know those guys that extrapolate
trends into how we might be using technology in the future?


Jerome Jahnke
BSD Academic Computing
University of Chicago


1. Want Windows 95 DirectX/3D Programmer

Algorithm, Inc. is developing  immersive arcade games  for play on
motion platforms and 3-D stereo booms (periscopes).  We are seeking
programming professionals who know what it means to program in a team
environment and who are familiar with Windows 95 DirectX/3D
programming -- especially those familiar with Visual C++ 4.2 and the
MFCs.  Knowledge of 3D graphics concepts is useful, but not required.
We are also seeking those experienced in model building and texture
creation skilled in professional game content creation and

Christopher D. Watkins   (770) 232-4949 tel   http://www.algorithm.com

Algorithm, Inc.    Immersive Simulation for Entertainment and Training

7230 McGinnis Ferry Road     Suite 200     Atlanta, Georgia 30174-1245

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