Help in programming.

Help in programming.

Post by Michael ki » Thu, 31 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hello any one out there.

Ok I am a short lived programmer. Just started to read books and learned.
I got a bit of dos programming and know it ok enough to make something
I also tried learning windows programming and was in the middle of it.
I got tierd of it and left programming for a while.

Now i'm back and looking for some help.

I want to be a game programmer?
Should I stick With C ?

I really need someone that is willing to help out so thanks


1. 3D Studio MAX Plug-Ins - "Facemap" problem


I've written a 3D Studio Max plug-in for the company I work for. It is
used to export the Max models into a format we can use in our own 3D

I've been successful with exporting UV mapping information if the
model has been mapped using "UVW" mapping, and the textures come out
exactly as is seen in Max.

However, if the mapping has been done with "face-map" (it is next to
"two-side" on the material editor), then the UV mapping information
comes out incorrect. (The mapping UV's appear to map to 1/3 of the
actual texture).

Has anyone had any success with extracting the correct UV's when
"face-map" is used for mapping?

Is there a way to convert "face-map" UV mapping to UVW mapping using
the Max SDK?

If you can help me, please contact me via e-mail, I'd be grateful for
any help you can offer.


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