Any Advice in getting a Job designing Computer Games?

Any Advice in getting a Job designing Computer Games?

Post by Joshua Sei » Thu, 27 Jul 1995 04:00:00


        I'm about to enter my last year of college, and I suddenly
realized I need to start planning for a real job.  What I've always wanted
to do is program and design computer games (specifically games with
advanced graphics and intelligent plot development).

        I've heard that many of the top game companies like to see a demo
of something you've created.  So my question is: what tools are out there
for a MS-DOS PC which can be used to design demos?  And what are some
good books which go into the detail on the latest techniques used in
cutting-edge games.

        As to my background, I'm a computer science major and have worked
for 3 summers as a programmer in various jobs.  My computer knowledge is
mostly academic (i.e. I know C++, theory of computation, abstract algebra,
3-D graphics, animation with physical modelling but I've never written a
TSR).  I would like a toolkit which was high-level enough that I didn't
have to worry about the type of video card I was writing to, and I
wouldn't have to write my own BSP or Z-buffer algorithm.  But I would
also like something low-level enough so that I could write custom AI
routines to develop the * world in imaginative ways.  The only such
toolkit I've seen advertized is one from 3-D Realms.  Does anyone know
what this is like (I don't want to write Yet Another Doom Clone)?

        Also, it would be a great help if anyone had more general advice
on what kinds of skills companies are looking for, if demos are necessary,
what companies are the best to work for, how to apply, does having a MS or
PhD open doors otherwise closed, etc.?  Thanks a lot for any help.

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1. need advice on getting a job.

   I have a long shareware game record, and lots of experience working on
smaller, spare time, team projects.  I have $0 to go to college (and I'm
really getting sick of my parents).  I would like to get a game
programming job for a year or two so I can save up and go away to some
nice college and never see my parents again for 4 years.  I live in San
Francisco, and would definately prefer something in "public
transportation" distance.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  Anyone
have a list of local game companies that I can plague for a job?  Is my
previous experience going to be enough to get me in the door?  Please

John Paul D'India - D'India Software
project: 4gen (space shooter)
web page:

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