Space Opera Project looking for extra people (3D programmer, Project leader, other)

Space Opera Project looking for extra people (3D programmer, Project leader, other)

Post by Kim Brunin » Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hi all!

The Space Opera Project  needs extra people . Preferably people who will be
just as enthusiastic about it as we are, have lots of initiative, and are
there to have some fun.
You'll be given a lot of responsibilities in our growing team right away,
and you will be able to ask other people for help you if you get stuck.

The project is set up first and foremost as a learning experience. If the
game looks marketable however, we will proceed to do so.
In that case royalties will be distributed according to the amount everyone
has contributed. You will be required to keep track of your contributions to
make this possible.

Unique to an Internet based project, this one has a manager, (me! ;-) ) ,
who will ensure that the project continues at all times.

About the project:
We are building a 3D strategic space game. The player will be running a
large space empire.
This combination of 3D graphics and Heavy duty strategic and physics sim
hasn't been done before, so it should be pretty original.
We've already been working on it for a small while. However, an important
team member had to  leave, and we must get replacements for him as soon as
possible. We could also use a couple of extra people, to speed up the
project, and lighten the workload.

Here's what we still need:

-3D programmer: We need someone to work on an optimised 3D engine. Some
groundwork has already been done for you. You'll have a galaxy generation
algorithm and several 3D models to play with, and test your engine on. Your
work will be the base on which we build everything else, so expect other
people to contact you per IRC and ICQ with ideas, tips, and questions all
the time. :-)
We'll be using a less optimal engine until you're done.

-Project leader:  We need someone who is capable of holding together a team,
who speaks both computer jargon and normal english, and who will plan and
tie together all the project modules.
A lot of ground work has been done, and with a little luck, you will have a
running application to start off with as a framework. All you need to do is
ensure that the components everyone is making are compatible with this. Most
of your time will be spent keeping an eye on what everybody is doing, and
encouraging them to do their best. I'm the manager, not a programmer, so
you'll be in a position to put your stamp on this project.

There is also room on our project for some other people :

-2D artist: We need graphics for controls, icons, symbols, textures, you
name it.
-3D artist: We need more people to design space-craft, space stations, and
other such things.
-Musician: What's a game without music and SFX? We need reenforcements in
this field
-Game Programmers: We need a couple of people who will work out the physics
and rules, and implement them in code. Does this sound like the task for

If you'd like to try your hand at any of the above,or even better, if you
are an expert :-),then contact me at:

[Don't forget to remove the spamblock before answering :-)]

Further information on the project can be found at our website:


Space Opera Project looking for extra people (3D programmer, Project leader, other)

Post by DarkSu » Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Kim forgot to mention something - if you would like to join
this project you should contact me (DarkSun) on ICQ at 2765643 or e-mail me

Further information on the project can be found at our website:

DarkSun of project SpaceOpera
     Comms and 3D/2D art.


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project will.

At the moment we're looking for at least one 3D programmer, who feels
comfortable with DirectX and D3D, has enough motivation to start and end a
full-scale project, and understands the basic Newtonian physics which will
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