ANNOUNCE: New Ca3D-Engine demo available, featuring radiosity based LightMap- and skeleton based model-rendering

ANNOUNCE: New Ca3D-Engine demo available, featuring radiosity based LightMap- and skeleton based model-rendering

Post by Carsten Fuch » Sat, 24 Mar 2001 04:14:05


The new Windows 9x/OpenGL demo version of
Carsten's 3D Engine (Ca3DE)
is finally available for download!   :-)

Look at
for downloads and detailed information.

Ca3DE (Carsten's 3D Engine) is a real-time 3D engine.
The latest enhancements include radiosity based lightmap rendering
as well as skeleton based model rendering.

Other features include:
- BSP / PVS / Portal rendering achieves a _high_ framerate
- OpenGL hardware accelerated rendering
- TrueColor Texture Mapping
- Naturally aligned textures
- MipMap application
- Linear filtering for both minification and magnification
- Z-Buffer
- 6 degrees of freedom
- Console for in-game configuration
- DirectInput 7.0 keyboard input
- Natural player movement (clipping and world physics)

The installation is very simple,
it's just downloading, unzipping, and double-clicking.

I'd be very happy if you sent me short email reports
how (or if at all ;) Ca3DE ran on your system,
how fast it was (how many FPS?) and which hardware
and software (OS) you are using.

Only one thing to mention: Ca3Dgl does currently
not support Voodoo 1 oder Voodoo 2 accelerator boards.
Their drivers are different, and while work-arounds
exist, they are not really easy to apply.

Many thanks in advance, and I hope you enjoy Ca3DE.  :)


Important note: This post is not a commercial adverti*t.
It is an announcement. My sole intention is to give you some
information about Ca3DE, which I developed in my free time.

I'm mentioning this because when I last announced a new
version of Ca3DE, somebody thought it was an adverti*t,
and reported this to my ISP, who in turn told me not to post
commercial ads again...
Pretty silly stuff, if you ask me.
I am sorry if you consider posts like these off-topic - I don't.
Please look at my homepage and Ca3DE, and you'll figure that
this is not off-topic at all.
If you still disagree, please simply ignore this post
or contact me personally.
I'm a bit disgruntled that apparently some people have nothing
better to do than watch and report others to lawyers,
ISPs and so on because they feel themselves as law-and-order
I am sorry again if you are not this kind of people.  :-)

Ca3D - Engine
Carsten Fuchs


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