Attn: Visit!!!

Attn: Visit!!!

Post by Michael Tanczo » Wed, 10 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Game Programming 98 Webpage Update for 06/09/98

Please take note of our new address

Missed our original post?  Check us out.  We offer
100's of articles on a wide range of game programming
topics.  We also cover a lot of graphics algorithms
and 3D topics.

Here is what you have to look forward to:

* A writers center is made available with information for
  those of you who would be interested in writing for the
  G'98 Site

* New Physics Tutorial by Michael Tanczos entitled
  "Motion in a Straight Line"

* Two New Stories in the Humor section by Carlos DaSilva

* Michael Tanczos submits some information on real-time
  lense flares

* Diana Gruber, a maker of several games, contributes
  an article "Do you have what it takes to make it in
  the game industry?"

* Hin Jang, a technical writer, graciously contributes
  three *very nice* articles on : NURBS, Volume Light
  Rendering, and Radiosity Methods.

* Jeff Weeks, our regular author, has written a great
  article entitled "Object Space Rejection"  This
  contribution describes a method of greatly reducing
  the number of unnecessary transformations of points
  into world space.  HOT!!

*Coming soon from Jeff Weeks, a z-buffering algorithm
  that doesn't require any clearing as well as techniques
  for speeding up the general z-buffer algorithm.

Enjoy!  And please don't hesitate to offer your comments on
the web page through email to me.

Game Programming 98 Web Development Team


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