BBC Computer game query

BBC Computer game query

Post by Tim Pico » Fri, 03 Jun 1994 14:02:12

Can anyone help me out with the BBC Computer game Codename Droid (Stryker's
Run Pt2) It's killing me.

Any instructions or hints will be greatly appreciated

                                        Tim Picone   (I.Q 23)

Yes I still have a BBC!!!!!


1. This is a multiple query for help on isometric game engine

Hi gurus

I have made a cool isometric engine and it rocks (for a beginner) :)
Its 64x64 map with perfect rivers and butterflys etc etc.
Im not using DJGPP, im using borlandc3.0 though I know DJGPP pretty
well. I need to do this for a future job apparently.

This is what I would like to do and can anyone help me with any of

* I would like some really cool mod music of around 100-250k in size
* Shadows - Would I draw up another set of darker tiles and make a
random tile change blob float around the map changing the current
tiles to a darker colur and back again as it passes over?
* Place main character in - Do I lock him in the center of the screen?
I can't find much info on this at all. How many anims? How many sides?
* How do I make a bigger map without running out of memory?? far
* I have also got my sound engine but do not know when to trigger
sounds?? Do I put a couple of different sized invisible globes around
character and trigger a louder sound as we get closer??
* How do undertake trees? More than one tile, one tall tile??
* How do I implement rain with a splashing on the ground effect?? In 2
parts? 1 close up near screen of big random rain sprites and 2 tiny
rain for each tile random with splash????

Thanks greatly to anyone who can help.
Ian McArdle

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