Want Windows 95 DirectX/3D Programmer

Want Windows 95 DirectX/3D Programmer

Post by Christopher D. Watki » Sun, 22 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Algorithm, Inc. is developing  immersive arcade games  for play on
motion platforms and 3-D stereo booms (periscopes).  We are seeking
programming professionals who know what it means to program in a team
environment and who are familiar with Windows 95 DirectX/3D
programming -- especially those familiar with Visual C++ 4.2 and the
MFCs.  Knowledge of 3D graphics concepts is useful, but not required.
We are also seeking those experienced in model building and texture
creation skilled in professional game content creation and

Christopher D. Watkins   (770) 232-4949 tel   http://www.algorithm.com

Algorithm, Inc.    Immersive Simulation for Entertainment and Training

7230 McGinnis Ferry Road     Suite 200     Atlanta, Georgia 30174-1245


1. PLEi Tools Programmer/Gamer/GUI/Windows 95/3D Experience/3D Studio

Tools Programmer (project: ART)
PostLinears ideal candidate for Tools Programmer has two years
experience with Windows 95, particularly with GUI and user interface
code; 3D experience, either gaming, CAD or scientific.  Able to
understand mathematics, particularly geometry, algebra, vectors, etc.
Prior experience writing 3D plug-ins for 3DStudio or 3DStudio Max;
experience with Photoshop or Premier plug-ins; real-time graphics
background are all plusses.

Email your resume, pointer to web page, samples of work, email address,

(415) 487-1180.
Snail Mail: PostLinear Entertainment, 2650 18th Street, SF, CA 94110.
PostLinear is located in the creative cradle of San Franciscos Mission
Check out our website for more information: http://www.postlinear.com

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