need help with 3d game engine programming

need help with 3d game engine programming

Post by Nick Maxwel » Wed, 15 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hey guys.  Any reply at all to this posting would be great.  I am
experimenting with making a really simple 3d game engine.  I would really
like to know how the Quake engine works?  In all the level editors that I
see, you can make brushes and even combine them to make complex objects.
How does the BSP builder make all these objects into a level?  I am starting
my experimentation using the BASIC language.  I know it is not the most
speedy language as far as games development, but it has all that I need for
right now, including a handy LINE function that can create some nice boxes
with just some math logic.  My engine at the start, is only going to feature
walls, ceiling, and floor.  Just a winding mazy thing.  I will make it
better later when I have the logic of 3d engines down.  I would like get
some suggestions on how I should implement this.




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Hey guys,

I'm going to get to the point. I want to be a game programmer some day but I
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I need some tips from YOU as to where to get up on the learning curve. I
know a little C and C++(but I don't know enough to be kick ass at game
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Andrew T Phillips

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