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If you like Megaball for the Amiga, then why not try out the following
new game demo:


Name:   *sphere Plus
Short:  Excellent new brick-smashing game (demo version)

Released in Summer '95

*sphere is a smooth, playable arcade style game that resembles
the older arcade classics Breakout and Arkanoid.  This demo runs on
both non-AGA and AGA Amigas.  Written in 100% MC68000 assembly
language, this game boasts many new features that are unheard of in
any other game of its kind.  It also contains custom routines for
212-color palettes with all colors on screen simultaneously, as well
as custom screen handling routines to allow extreme amounts of
objects on the screen simultaneously.  Also features excellent audio
with sound effects and music.  For one or two players, with two
player mode being such that both players play at the same time.

The full game is available via mail order.  Made in Calgary, Alberta,
Canada.  By Clay Hellman.  Enjoy the demo!

(C)1995 Psycon Software


This demo is available on Aminet sites everywhere.  Check yours today!

Directory: aminet/game/misc
File:      CybPlusDemo.lha

The demo is also available for direct download from my World Wide Web
site.  The URL is: