Need help polling Console Port on MVME167

Need help polling Console Port on MVME167

Post by Paul McKneel » Mon, 15 Sep 2003 01:06:49


I have figured out how to receive bytes from the Console Serial Port
(CD2401 Port 0) on the MVME167 using polling.  I am having trouble
trying to send bytes also using polling.  Can someone tell me what I
am doing wrong?  A listing of my test program is given below.  First
I go into a polling loop to check for a transmit IRQ.  I then do a
"Pseudo Interrupt" and I then write the byte to the Transmit FIFO.  
I then do a Transmit End-of-Interrupt by writing 0 to the TEIOR.  I
then pause for the byte to have enough time to send.  I then cause a
Bus Error by attempting to read from an unmapped location.  The program
executes like expected but no character ('*' in this case) actually
appears out of the serial port.  


                                        ;Wait for Transmit Character IRQ
000000 1039FFF4201E     AgainW:         MOVE.B  ($FFF4201E),D0
000006 02000020                         AND.B   #$20,D0
00000A 67F4                             BEQ.B   AgainW

                                        ;Pseudo Interrupt Acknowledge
00000C 4A39FFF42025                     TST.B   ($FFF42025)

                                        ;Write the Byte
000012 41F9FFF45080                     LEA.L   (CD2400),A0
000018 117C002A0078                     MOVE.B  #$2A,(CDO.TDR,A0)

                                        ;End of Write Interrupt
00001E 117C00000005                     MOVE.B  #$00,(CDO.TEOIR,A0)

                                        ;Pause for Send
000024 223C00100000                     MOVE.L  #$00100000,D1
00002A 5381             Loop:           SUBQ.L  #1,D1
00002C 66FC                             BNE.B   Loop

00002E 4AB9FFFF0000                     TST.L   ($FFFF0000)


Need help polling Console Port on MVME167

Post by Paul McKneel » Wed, 17 Sep 2003 11:51:11

Hi All,

I no longer need help on this problem because it has been solved.  
For some reason, both ports 0 and 1 are activated by Motorola's
boot ROM.  Half of the IRQs were for service of port 1.  My test
was a one-shot so I never saw any output.  Apparently it was all
going to port 1.  



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