mvme162p-334 exception: parity error external message

mvme162p-334 exception: parity error external message

Post by no.. » Mon, 15 Sep 2003 07:28:07

My mvme162p-344 is generating "exception: parity error (external)".  Any
ideas??  I checked the debug documentation and could only find "parity
error" but not "parity error external".

This error occurs randomly after my program has been running from anytime
between 1 and 20 minutes.

I ran all memory diagnostics via 162DIAG and they all passed.

Thanks in advance.



mvme162p-334 exception: parity error external message

Post by no.. » Sun, 21 Sep 2003 09:34:40

I have solved my own problem.  The problem was my program set the "enable
parity interrupt" bit on the VMEchip2.  The documentation says the bit is
not used for the 162 board.  I would have preferred that if the bit is not
used that their should be no ill effects if you happen to try and use it but
that's not the case.

Also the "enable abort interrupt" on the VMEchip2 is also not used on the
162 and my guess would be that you shouldn't enable it either else you might
suffer the same intermittent interrupt problem.

These boards use the new ASIC that replace some chips that were used on the
original 162 boards.

Happy coding!!!



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