&&& Vintage Computer Festival 6.0 &&&

&&& Vintage Computer Festival 6.0 &&&

Post by Gene S. Berkowit » Thu, 21 Aug 2003 13:44:06


Quote:> Hooray!  The sixth annual Vintage Computer Festival has been scheduled
> for October 11th and 12th.  The Computer History Museum will again be
> hosting the event, but this time at their spacious new home.

..and I suppose I have to GUESS where that is.
Country? City? State?



1. EICN: OOP & inheritance & reusability

        The basic flaw I find with basing an operating system on
dynamic OOP classes comes with inheritance.  It turns out that if
one class inherits variables from a base class that's comparitively
easy to do... but later when you change the operating system you have
either not add new variables to base classes or recompile each and every
application that depends on OS base classes.  There's a way around
it, setting up a table of pointers to variables and leaving the relative
pointer offset unchanged, but in my own opinion the amount of indirection
to get at any variable is starting to get prohibitive.  Of course someone
out there indicated they worked on a module-oriented system where it took
a thousand or more instructions to do a module switch, and it wasn't
too bad.  so maybe I'm just biased.


2. IOPL=NO locks system

3. 683xx series upgrades && other announcements

4. Talk-3.0.2 PATCH

5. FS 19" B/W radius monitor & Video Card & MacIIcx memory & 500 Mb Drive and more!!!

6. ATI Mach64.

7. FS: Motorola Computer - Terminal servers & drives

8. Supra288VFC-EXT}Blows Display Heads

9. Computer & Electronics Magazines

10. CPU32 BDM Port & PD Interface

11. Wanted: PD 68k cross assembler & simulator for IBM PC

12. ADC & DAC with MC68332

13. GCC & Flight 68k