Where can I find old mac stuff

Where can I find old mac stuff

Post by Robert L.Walke » Sun, 21 Jan 2001 15:03:44

I am looking for old mac equipment and components.

Any help would be appriciated


Where can I find old mac stuff

Post by D » Sun, 28 Jan 2001 11:06:37

> I am looking for old mac equipment and components.

> Any help would be appriciated

You should check out the back pages of any Mac magazine for starters.

Also, I have a little list I have compiled over time:


These are simply places to check out at your own risk. I guarantee or
endorse none of them, even though I have dealt with a few of them




1. Some help hacking up some old hardware I've found.

        I've come across a weird piece of hardware, and usually by this time,
I've taken the heat gun to it in an attempt to salvage any cool IC's I
might come across. However, this one does attempt to power up, and is
particularly interesting.

Central to the mainboard, is a MC68331 variant. I've dabbled with 68ks
before, assembler on an old 68000 mac and amiga, stuff like that. But
this cpu is a stranger to me... is it a member of the CPU32 family
that is hinted at in my old 68k books?

Also, on the board, there is a 2x5 .100" header. I've only been able
to follow one trace, which seems to lead to the 68331. There are 2
other traces that I can be sure of, but they lead off to a couple of
resistors, or so it would appear. Is this a JTAG interface?(The 4th
necessary trace might be hidden, I can't tell) I've done some
research, and the '060 seems to have a builtin jtag, but no other
motorola cpu's seem to have them.

But more intriguing, seems to be 4 sets of pads that surround the
'331. Each set is fine pitch, what appears to be 25 pins to the inch,
in an 2x18 arrangement. Surface mount. Naturally, some pins seem to be
empty, but most lead directly to the '331s pins. Some sort of factory
test ports, meant to have connectors soldered to them?

Finally, if I'm not totally offbase on all of this, and it is a JTAG
connector, will I be able to do anything with it? (Like read the
firmware on the device, since I don't have a programmer that can dump
it... and masked roms aren't worth keeping if you can't do that)

John O.

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