IndustryPack + MVME162

IndustryPack + MVME162

Post by Juan Manuel Reb » Mon, 07 Mar 1994 21:35:01

I'm having an increasing number of companies interested in developing
solutions under Motorola's MVME162 Embedded Controller + the IndustryPack
interface. I have the IP specifications and all the technical info
regarding the board. What i'd like to know is more real applications to show
them, whatever the field. Any info would be greatly appreciated. (BTW, is
there any electronic meeting point or something like that for the IndustryPack

Best regards, netters
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1. moving from mvme162-02 to mvme162-510

Hi ---

    Does anyone out there have any experience with migrating applications
from the Mot 162 25MHz flavor to the newer FX model running at 32MHz?

    Are there any subtleties one should be aware of?

    I've developed an application using the 25MHz board, including a
custom IP module.  The IP module and application work fine with the 25MHz

    I just received the new 32MHz board (the ultimate target board) and
tried to load the IP module on it.  All I get when I boot up is "Raw-Bug
-> Access Error" and it gets hung in a weird loop echoing all the key
strokes from the keyboard but not doing anything.

    Has anyone seen this kind of prompt before?  Is there a way to get
out of it?  Where is it documented?  I didn't find any references to it
in the supplied Installation Guide.

    I've tried calling our Mot Tech Support but he's on vacation until
next Tuesday.

    Any help would sure be appreciated.



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