Dragonball VZ328 Interrupt Vector Programming

Dragonball VZ328 Interrupt Vector Programming

Post by Chris Quayl » Tue, 12 Aug 2003 20:36:09


Can anyone explain to me the relationship between the standard 68k
interrupt vector map in low memory, the interrupt vector register on the
VZ and how this relates to actual vector address containing the
interrupt handler address ?.

Am trying to map internal peripherals to their interrupt handlers (timer
1, 2 etc), but the manual is a clear as mud on how to determine which
vector address to program with the interrupt handler address.




1. Interrupt Vector with 68040?

I hope someone can help me with this problem?

I have a 68040 running from EPROM and it receives an interrupt from an
external device. (The device happens to be another board on a VME bus). I have
set up the VBR properly and have set the interrupt mask at 3 to allow levels
4-7 to occur.

When the interrupt occurs, I jump to the spurious interrupt vector (indicating
to me that it cannot find the vector properly). Since I get the spurious
interrupt raised, I can assume the my vector table is set-up properly.

When I look at the VME bus with an anylyser, I see that the CPU did not
initiate the IACK cycle to request the vector from the interrupting

IS there anything I need to do to "stimulate" the CPU to initiate the IACK
cycle? I am not running any operating system. I am strictly in    
supervisor mode (as far as I know...). Am I missing something with the

The interrupting board works properly. I know this because I have
tested it with other boards on the VME bus. It will load up the vector
if asked to do so.

Help ????

Please email if you have any suggestions. I'm stumped!

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