motorola mvem187 unix system recover?

motorola mvem187 unix system recover?

Post by JOH » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 10:02:19

hi Friend

Please help me to solve my problem.

1)i got a motorola box which use v88 unix, but the tape or the tape drive is fail,

anyway to recover my unix,can i install any similar unix, the purpose to have

that box running.

2) and the second motorola box is running but the tape and drive and fail too.

in case that hard drive is fail, ther eis not way to recover, please suggest

some suggest, and the tape which dead is from motorola and drive is antique,

any suggest?


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Dear colleagues,
we are looking for ways to do disk mirroring with
Motorola Unix VME bus systems (risc and cisc).

The disks should be standard SCSI drives, standard Motorola
hard- and software should be used as far as possible (a non
Motorola mirroring controller would be ok of course).

2 years ago Motorola presented us with a software solution (implemented
at the Unix kernel level as I understand; I was not with this
company at that time), which degraded overall system performance

Judging from Motorola product information the situation seems unchanged.
Checking the VITA catalogue brought no results (I may have overlooked someth.).
Disk mirroring being a standard feature in eg the SunSparc and even the
PC areas I still hope for solutions in this case.

Thanks for any pointers or opinions, Hans Mau.

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