connecting to a remote location

connecting to a remote location

Post by mar » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 20:55:52

I am looking for some help with how to set up a remote location. We
have opered up another location to process credits for our company, we
need 2 or three terminals to scan and process these credits. We have a
tabletop scanned that works with a program on our 400 to log and
determine hot the items are to be handled. I was thinking of getting a
couple PC's and using the Internet to connect to our 400. We currently
have remote users that connect this way but I am wondering about the
speed of the connections. The scanning and response from the 400 needs
to be fairly quick, right not the scanning is done through dummy
terminals connected directly to the 400. I know that I cannot get the
same response time but I am trying to get something close. The options
are DSL, fractional or full T-1 each getting more expensive. I am
hoping for some help with making the decision, I have not been able to
find some way to test each option. We have a 170, single processor
400. If I have left out any other information please let me know.
Thank you for any help.

1. New Remote Location Setup

We currently have a frame relay network connecting 7 remote locations to us
via Perle controllers. I need to supply green screen and printing at a new
location in two weeks or less. Don't intend to even try doing the current
methodology there. The new location will only need two or three desktops and
a printer.

Need suggestions for quick to roll out, secure, and inexpensive way to
attach a small new location. Have looked at PC Anywhere over the internet,
but have run into 3 fatal flaws with that. The new place is a long distance
phone call from home site.

 Your suggestions please!

  Thanks, Dave

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