AS400 and Single Signon

AS400 and Single Signon

Post by BWMI » Sat, 01 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone out there implemented a Single Signon product or knows of any
such products which cater for the AS400 within a Network.
I am currently performing a feasibility study for British Waterways,
Watford, England regarding Single Signon. As a brief background, we
currently have a wide area Novell network of approx. 750 PC's running
Windows 3.1 and 95', using a number of PC applications and the IBM
AS/400. Any help would be appreciated.  
Regards, Mike Bayliss (Contract Consultant).


1. Single Signon NT- AS400 How?

       Recently we have integrated our NT Server in an AS400. Our Users
login to Nt then use PersonalCommunications to open a session on the As400.

Is there a possibility to do this with a sigle signon? I have found out how
to syncronize passwords between AS400 and NT but a singlesignon would be

Can I do this with Personalcommunications?

Any Help

Timothy Grant

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