US-CA Sr.Level AS400 Programmers Wanted

US-CA Sr.Level AS400 Programmers Wanted

Post by Tom Man » Sat, 22 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I have two immediate openings for AS/400 programmers with 3-4 years of RPG.
 Extra consideration given for knowledge of CA-PRMS, AS400 operations, PC
skills, analytical skills, personal communication skills.  Interested
individuals send resume w/salary history and requirements to

Industry, CA.



RDB Recruiting is a placement firm specializing in IS professionals.
We currently have two immediate, permanent openings for programmers
with 4+ years of experience in AS/400, RPG in a manufacturing
environment.  Experience with BPCS, Asset and case tools a plus.

Location:  Charlotte, NC

Degree: Bachelors prefereed - will consider on the job experience

Drug test: yes

Salary range: $44 - 67K

Relocation: open to discussion

Travel:  very limited

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