CA/400 Client for Windows 3.1 - Does not work after latest PTF Cume Package

CA/400 Client for Windows 3.1 - Does not work after latest PTF Cume Package

Post by Jim Essing » Wed, 08 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I applied the latest cume package (96338 I believe) and now the
windows client does not sign on to the AS/400.  I had to revert to DOS
client. I'm using V3R6 on the AS/400 and have downloaded most of the
updates to my PC.  My fellow programmer has not downloaded any
updates, and he can't sign on either.  

Part of my frustration is that I can't find a way to do a debug on the
startup of the client connection to the AS/400.  DOS allows you do
show abundent messages, and get a clue where the failure is occuring.
The Windows client does everything in the background, and I don't get
a chance to see what is happening.

Symptoms;  I double click on the connection icon - it brings up the
sign on window.  I key my user profile name and password.  It dials
the number, the modems answer. after negotiating the speed the window
sits there until the timeout has been reached, then it hangs up.  The
AS/400 is not a help with messages, just that the connection failed.  

Are any of you having this problem, and what can I do to get the
windows client to work again. I hate having to reboot every time I
need to check on work, or help with a problem.

Jim Essinger
John 3:16


1. STRPCCMD should not work but does; RUNRMTCMD should work but does not

According to the documentation (Client Access Family) the way to run a PC
command from an AS/400 session is STRPCCMD for DOS, Windows 3.1 and OS/2.
For Windows 95/NT one should use RUNRMTCMD.  However, on my PC (Windows 95,
twinax, NetSoft router, CA V3R1M2, OS/400 V3R2) STRPCCMD does work but
RUNRMTCMD does not.

For RUNRMTCMD the daemon program AREXECDN.EXE should be running on the PC.
This has been installed on the PC, but when I start it, it does not seem to
do anything.  No information, no process running.  When I try RUNRMTCMD from
an AS/400 session, the job log says that the remote system 'did not
recognize the transaction program' (quoting from memory).

Any ideas why STRPCCMD appears to be unsupported?  Will it suddenly vanish
in a future release?  Will it not work with TCP/IP (not with V3R1M2 anyway;
the session is not recognized as a PC session)?

Any ideas how I could get RUNRMTCMD to work?

Joep Beckeringh

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