as/400 contractor notice...

as/400 contractor notice...

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why am I being bumped off this bulletin board for posting my
availability..when recruiters seem to be allowed to advertise...Please
e-mail me  with a response. I thought this was an AS/400 miscellaneous
topics board. Where would you prefer that I post a notice such as


1. AS/400 User Group Meeting Notice - Raleigh, NC

This month's meeting of the Triangle Midrange User's Group meeting:

October 12, 1999
Topic: "Using RPG IV on the AS/400 - Pros and Cons"
Speaker: Larry Harrell, Harrell Professional Resources International, Inc
Location: Holiday Inn, RTP.  I-40 Exit 282 at Page Road
Time: 6:00pm
Cost: $25 members, $35 non-members

Since the introduction of RPG IV, AS/400 shops have been debating whether
or not to allow programmers to use it. On the one hand, improvements to
the language make it more powerful and versatile. But, what about ILE
(Integrated Language Environment)? What complications and advantages does
ILE bring?  How can I take advantage of RPG ILE while minimizing those
complications? What factors should I consider in deciding if it?s worth it
to me?

Larry Harrell is the President of Harrell Professional Resources
International, Inc. HPR International is an AS/400 technical training
company with an education center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Larry has over 16 years of midrange systems experience with IBM as a
Systems Engineer and Instructor. Since his career with IBM, he has spent
16 years as an independent training expert and consultant for users of the
AS/400, System/38 and System/36. Larry personally develops and teaches
many technical AS/400 courses.

Visit the TMUG web page at for information
on attending this meeting.

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