Need SSP Upgrade Advice!

Need SSP Upgrade Advice!

Post by Raffi Saroya » Thu, 21 May 1998 04:00:00

We are currently using 9402-236 running the latest SSP.  The LAN is running
NetWare 3.2 (IPX), the PC's are connected to the AS400 through 3
Micro-Integration gateways.

It's time to upgrade the HW - Performance has become an issue.
Micro-Integration gateways worked out great for the 1st 20 users, IPX
traffic has not helped the overall network performance either!

We am thinking of the - AS/400e system model 600 #2134 - (I was told that
the #2129 performs slower than the 9402-236).

Does anyone know anything about the SSP performance in comparison with

Also what are my options as far as connectivity?

We would like to abandon the Twinax Connection and move on to TCP/IP - Cost
is an issue and Client Access & WRQ don't come cheap for 50 users & up!

Also need WAN traffic - IP or SNA!

The app in question runs on SSP, SSP does not support Ethernet w/OS400
Ethernet is not a problem - my concern is any connectivity issues - i.e.,
going from OS400 to SSP!

I realize this is a handful any comment or recommendation is appreciated!

Thank You in advance.


Need SSP Upgrade Advice!

Post by Richard Mustai » Thu, 21 May 1998 04:00:00

I can give you some advice on the relative performance of the 236 and AS/400e
models. I'll list 3 below, let me know if you are interested in other models.

600-2129  =  0.7x 236 performance running SSP
600-2134  =  1.0x 236 performance running SSP
170-2160  =  3.3x 236 performance running SSP (my favorite)

While the SSP does not support ethernet you can use ethernet connected
workstation emulation sessions with the SSP. This is accomplished using OS/400
support. These workstations will appear as local SSP devices. In addition, you
can also connect WAN sessions into SSP (either SNA or IP). This is all
accomplished with the OS/400 TFRM36 command that lets you transfer any OS/400
workstation session into SSP as a local device. You can view the Advanced 36
manuals online to better understand how to set up this environment.

Dick Mustain


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While doing some inventory of our AS/400's I came across an Advanced
36, 9402-236 running SSP 7.1.  We used the box to convert customers
from S/36 to OS/400.  Since that project was completed by Dec. 1999,
I'm looking to upgrade the box to a 9402-436 running OS/400 and would
remove SSP entirely.  The problem is I don't have SSP 7.5 or the PTF's
needed to even consider the upgrade.  Since IBM cancelled that upgrade
path in February of this year my account rep is not able to order the
software.  I've checked with my AS/400 hardware broker and he has all
the hardware I need, but I still don't have the software.  Does anyone
know of anyplace/anyone who would have the necessary software to do
this portion of the upgrade?  I'm not worried about licensing of the
software since (1) I only need it to do the upgrade and (2) the company
I work for does not pay for any OS/400 license programs from IBM.  If
SSP 7.5 was still orderable from IBM, it would not cost me a dime and
would be 99% legal.

Thanks for any help.

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