Client Access and Microsoft Proxy Server

Client Access and Microsoft Proxy Server

Post by *Chris*Libby » Tue, 10 Nov 1998 04:00:00

>>Have you told Proxy to ignore your internal addresses?

>You must add in the PROXY client INI file the string
>More information if you search in the Microsoft site "bad ip

You might want to try and setup entries in your DNS server which
point to your AS/400's IP Address(es).  After I setup DNS entries
for our two as/400, I no longer had this problem.



1. Help: Microsoft Proxy Client KILLS Client Access 5250 Emulation

We're currently accessing our AS/400 system via Client Access 95/NT
(with the latest service pack).  We're connecting via TCP/IP on a
local network.

I recently installed Microsoft Proxy Server on our NT Server 4.0 to
allow distributed internet access accross the LAN.

Web browsers have PROXY support built in, but in order to use a
newsreader, pop-mail client, or other winsock application, you must
install the Microsoft Proxy Client to go through the proxy server.

After doing this, the Personal Communications 5250 emulation no longer
works.  Shared Folders Access, Graphical Access, etc. all still
function normally, but I can never get a PComm 5250 session up.  I
just get the "--\--/__657" error in the terminal window.

Any insight to what may be causing this is appreciated.

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