Collection Services vs. Performance Monitor

Collection Services vs. Performance Monitor

Post by rob_kamph.. » Fri, 11 Aug 2000 04:00:00

For V4R4, Collection Services (Operations Navigator) replaces the
Performance monitor. After V4R5 IBM no longer supports STRPFRMON,
STRPFRCOL etc. Therefore I started using the Collection Services
instead of using the Performance Monitor commands.
After I collected some data I couldn't print transaction reports, lock
reports and batch job trace reports. I think it's because the
collection services uses TRACE function *NONE. Is there a way to change
these settings?

Rob Kamphuis

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1. performance monitor

It's possible blocked automatic performance monitor, I try but
it run and ask almost a day. But i haven't contract with ibm, so
is necessary stop teh connectio.
How is possible.???


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