Are you running Perl Scripts on your iSeries V5 System?

Are you running Perl Scripts on your iSeries V5 System?

Post by laborke » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 10:25:07

I need some pointers on how to get Perl working on my AS/400 so I can run
I do have the Perl5 ZIP file that I just un-zipped into my root of the IFS,
and not sure what I need to do next.  This is a pretty basic website that is
to my company, and I need to add a Calendar function so team members can
update there vacation schedules, projects etc.  The website is in a share
called web400
and doing a http://systemname will execute the index.htm in this share.

If you are familiar with what needs to be done, please send an email to:
k4kal at arrl dot com
We just lost our Webmaster and I am struggling with this.



Are you running Perl Scripts on your iSeries V5 System?

Post by K.Iked » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 11:00:32

Have you already install Perl object Library from CPAN site ?

You have to get Perl bin code for iSeries400.


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Any help gratefully received.


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