SSP 7.5 Upgrade from SSP 7.1

SSP 7.5 Upgrade from SSP 7.1

Post by soma1vi.. » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00

While doing some inventory of our AS/400's I came across an Advanced
36, 9402-236 running SSP 7.1.  We used the box to convert customers
from S/36 to OS/400.  Since that project was completed by Dec. 1999,
I'm looking to upgrade the box to a 9402-436 running OS/400 and would
remove SSP entirely.  The problem is I don't have SSP 7.5 or the PTF's
needed to even consider the upgrade.  Since IBM cancelled that upgrade
path in February of this year my account rep is not able to order the
software.  I've checked with my AS/400 hardware broker and he has all
the hardware I need, but I still don't have the software.  Does anyone
know of anyplace/anyone who would have the necessary software to do
this portion of the upgrade?  I'm not worried about licensing of the
software since (1) I only need it to do the upgrade and (2) the company
I work for does not pay for any OS/400 license programs from IBM.  If
SSP 7.5 was still orderable from IBM, it would not cost me a dime and
would be 99% legal.

Thanks for any help.

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SSP 7.5 Upgrade from SSP 7.1

Post by JHLM » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00

the 236 can not run ssp 7.5 or os/400.

the 236 WAS upgradable to a 436 which could run ssp 7.5 and/or os/400.

the economics of it today, would not be worth while to change a 236 into a 436.
 used 436s are readily available.

hope this helps.

Joseph H. Le Blanc, CCP


1. Newbie needs info for getting master media for O/S 4.4 and SSP 7.5

Hello all,

I've been asked by my client to try and locate the (??) Master Media for
OS/400 V4R4 and SSP 7.5.  My client is not a techie, but has had an AS/400
(1st a 236, and now a 436) for about 10 years.  He recently upgraded to a
436 vai a reseller.  He has now found out the reseller was a little
"untruthful" about the licensing that came with the refurb'd 436.  The 436
came pre-loaded with O/S 4.4 and  SSP 7.5, the reseller told (verbally, of
course) my client that the loaded s/w was licensed (but no media was
included) and that the S/W followed the machine.... I didn't know better,
since I don't normally *DO* AS/400's.  I just called IBM, and they told me
the S/W was not carried over with the machine and wanted somewhere between
$5,000 and $8,000 for the software media and licenses...

Is there any hope - short of spending more on the S/W than the re-furb unit



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