5250 Express and IBM NP 12

5250 Express and IBM NP 12

Post by George Applegat » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 23:50:06


I'm connecting an IBM Network Printer model 12 to a PC attached to the
AS/400 via client access express.  The printer has two paper drawers,
and appears to be configured correctly.

However, when I print something from Officevision where I have the
capability to print the first page from drawer 1, and the following
pages from drawer 2, the printer ignores that and prints all pages
from drawer 1.  I've set the properties on the printer, and the device
description it created on the /400 shows it has two drawers...

Any suggestions?  I'm replacing some older IBM 4019 models which
worked perfectly.  It's frustrating when we have a 10-year old printer
that works seamlessly and we get a new one and can't configure it to
work correctly at all.


George Applegate


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Sorry... I'm French (my English is bad)

I want printing on 4234 in 12 cpi, but OCL comand (printer name...) want
only 10 or 15 cpi.
With 5360 or 5363, I have a PRPQ named SUBR50 to change density to 12 cpi,
but I not found the SUBR50 on the IBM 236.
I tried to restore this SUBR50 from 5360 to the 236 : crash  :-((

Can you tell me how printing in 12 cpi with a 236 ?

Many Thanks.
Francis Goguelat.

Francis Goguelat

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