*.FDF file for ASCII-transfer works on 16-bit not 32-bit CAWIN

*.FDF file for ASCII-transfer works on 16-bit not 32-bit CAWIN

Post by JFH » Fri, 26 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi all

I use cawin to upload ASCII-files to the AS/400 quite often. Just recently
I shifted from CA16 to CA32, and moved some of the old filedefinitions
(*.FDF) over. With some of them CA32-filetransfer returns with an error
that the format of the ASCII-file  does'nt correspond to the setting in the
definition file??

The second line in the FDF file is:  PCFT 1 - which turns out OK for most
for most of the transfers in ASCII - why not all when the pc-file is in
fact ASCII??

Any help given would be great

Jens Hastrup


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