COBOL Open and I-O Feedback Copybooks published.

COBOL Open and I-O Feedback Copybooks published.

Post by Peter Lund » Thu, 09 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I have published my Open and I-O Feedback copybooks.

You can get to them via

Please email me directly with respect to any corrections or impressions.

Peter Lunde


1. COBOL Conversion from COBOL/36 COBOL/400 to Microfocus

I'm Experiencied with Cobol in S/36 Systems, AS/400 and Microfocus Cobol on
PC Networks. Someone interested?
I'm starting development in Object-Oriented Cobol, 32 bit platform and I
thing to the power of client-servering with OO-environment and AS/400.

Roberto Morgia

Rome - ITALY

2. CDROM and FSB

3. RPG I/O feedback area for Join Logicals

4. PC-link or Data-link for Casio SF-4300

5. Requesting Feedback about Products that Convert RPG to Java

6. MS Project client for WinCE -wishlist

7. Any feedback Client Access Express

8. Looking for feedback on SignOn 400

9. JBA System 21 feedback?

10. JD Edwards Feedback

11. JD Edwards and Aldon CMS/Harmonizer or similar--looking for feedback